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Pure Love started as an idea nine years ago. The founder was a cook working in many different styles of kitchens, restaurants, catering companies in the Bay Area when the idea to create a company that uses food as an outlet to spread positivity, respect, and most of all love. Fast forward eight years and Pure Love is now a registered LLC as a full-service catering company.


The focus of the brand is to spread love using various foods to a variety of audiences as a full-service catering company. The company caters to the needs of all clients with varying requests to ensure 100% satisfaction from its clients. Although the chefs cater to any style of food, they do like to focus on healthy living by trying to incorporate as many whole foods, organic foods, and flavorful foods into a diet.

“Spreading Love Through Food”

Designer Notes:

Pure Love Food was in a need of a refresh of its logo before launching its first website. The client wanted a clean, modern type, while incorporating the gold diamond element from the previous logo because of its symbolic meaning of offering top tier food.

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